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April 23, 2019

A Day in Hong Kong

I rediscovered these photos from my archives, and realised I never really had the time to edit them. So I’ve just had a play, and really enjoyed looking back through them all…

Let’s go back in time a little, to April 2015. I was heading out to Australia with my husband to shoot a stunning wedding I had been booked for. On the way we had an 8 hour wait in Hong Kong, so it made sense to ‘break out’ of the airport waiting area and head off for a little adventure! This place really did blow. my. mind.

I am pretty fortunate to have travelled a fair bit, but I had never been anywhere like this! The air was different; thick, humid. More humid than Spain, Italy or Greece. It was so thick you could taste it. The landscape beneath us as we flew in was astonishing. The language was totally different; we couldn’t read a thing!! And then there was all the scaffolding, made purely out of bamboo…!! Everything about Hong Kong filled us with such a huge amount of excitement – we were somewhere ‘new’. Somewhere so, so far away from home, just the two of us, totally free, with our eyes wide open…

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