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January 19, 2019

Family Fun at the Weir Garden

Hands in the air, I’m guilty!! I have been totally rubbish at blogging since relaunching this not so new website… life has been B.U.S.Y!!! And in order to blog well, I believe it needs to become a habit. A habit I’m not accustomed to… yet! This year (2019), is the year I aim to become a better blogger, a better business gal, and as always, a better photographer. As some of you may know, I recently had a scrummy baby girl, so I’m currently working more behind the scenes for the next few months (working on the biz foundations and taking a couple of courses) whilst I let my body recover naturally. That being said, I’m still taking family bookings, and even the odd wedding now and again to keep me going; with work ramping up as the year goes on. This job is my one of my biggest passions, and I’m not looking at letting it go 😉

So to get my blogging back on track, let’s go back in time a little to this awesome family’s shoot at the stunning Weir Garden, near Hereford…

I met the Pusharski family through a friend, and have followed Kelethé’s GORGEOUS instagram account for a few years now. It was a lot of fun capturing some lovely memories for them at the stunning Weir Garden near Hereford. I just loved little Nola’s beautiful imagination, hiding from bears, singing her lungs out on her tree stump stage with twiggy microphones, and looking so deeply down my camera lens that at times, it felt as though my soul was being interrogated! She’s doing life just as it should be, full of wonderment and joy… and it looks as though her lovely little sister, Wren, could be following in her footsteps!

An inspiring family, an honour to photograph. Enjoy <3

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