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April 28, 2020

Maz & Rob

Destination: Magnetic Island, Australia

This time 5 years ago I found myself sitting on a beach on a tropical island near the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. There was a gorgeous campfire popping & crackling away, the night sky was cluttered with stars and there was lots of happy chattering, singing and laughter amongst the group I was sitting with.

In that group was the wonderful newly-wed couple Maz & Rob, who had flown me out to the other side of the world to capture their special day. Talk about a PINCH ME NOW and PINCH ME HARD moment… no matter how hard I pinched though, the dream didn’t stop. This was real life…

Spring forward 5 years: we now find ourselves in lockdown during the Covid-19 era. So I thought it would be nice to relive a very happy day… Join me whilst I dive back into this memory – smell the fresh morning air that promised a glorious sunny day stretching out before us, feel the sand in your toes, witness the look of true love, admire the incredible native animals and finally, sink away dreaming of all the good things in your life whilst sitting on a beach under the stars, with the smell of toasted marshmallows, and the sound of gentle waves soothing your soul…

After drinks at the Marlin Bar Tavern, the immediate family of the couple moved on to enjoy a meal at Sandi’s, whilst everyone else dispersed for an afternoon of relaxation on the island. The wedding celebrations then continued later in the evening at Bungalow Bay Koala Village for a hog roast, snake cuddles (!) and dancing…

At the end of the evening, many guests understandably took the opportunity to continue the celebrations on Horseshoe Bay, enjoying a bonfire and good times until the small hours. Absolute perfection…

Happy Anniversary Maz & Rob 🙂 xxx