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Young Fun

February 25, 2020

Rainy Day Critters…

I thought I’d do something a little different today, which may inspire others who are looking after children and trying to keep them happy during these cold and dark months! I’m going to share some photos I took of a little boy doing what he, and many other kids often love to do – playing with paint and making something fun!

Here we were making a game out of some plain cork coasters for him and his sister to play with afterwards… See how these fun little critters can be played with below!

What you’ll need

  • 10 cork coasters (I bought these from Amazon)
  • Red, Yellow and Black acrylic paints (that’s if you choose to do bees and ladybirds, like us!
  • Masking tape
  • A paintbrush
  • Googly eyes (I have this pack in my craft stock cupboard)

What we did

I started it off by painting 5 coasters red (front, back and around the sides), and the other 5 yellow.

I then painted the black heads so they were distinguishable, before I let a 3 year old loose with a black filled paintbrush to do the decorations…!

Next, when they were dry, I ripped up strips of masking tape and put them across the bee coasters as stripes. So that when the little 3 year old comes to paint ‘stripes’, there will actually BE some stripes (!). Plus it was a lot of fun to see him witness the magic of pulling the masking tape off, to reveal the yellow stripes underneath.

For the ladybird’s dots, I had a ‘sponge dotter’ – I have no idea what its actually called, but it’s pictured below 😉 A paintbrush would be fine for this also.

Then it was time for the googly eyes! The set that I have are adhesive, which are super easy to apply.

How to play!

Part of the beauty with these, is that they are robust, water resistant, light weight, bright and colourful, and you can play with them in many different ways! We’ve played basket toss – first one to throw our set into the (laundry) basket, wins! We’ve also played tic tac toe (ok, we’ve tried, but having a curious 1 year old around, the games were very short lived!) – we used masking tape on the dining room floor, but you could also use chalk on the patio if the weather allows!

We also played hide and seek with them out in the garden when the rain had a pause, which the one year old could join in with too! Older children could play more competitively and try to find ‘their’ insects first…

They’ve also been good to use as counting aids & pattern making. All in all, a super cheap and easy craft project to do together, which then leads to many hours of fun afterwards! We keep ours in a zip lock bag and take them out with us now. They come in as handy entertainment wherever we seem to go…! If you have a go at making these, or if they’ve inspired you to have a go at something similar, I’d love to see! Comment below or contact me via my Facebook page at Rachel Lilly Photography – let’s share the fun!!

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