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February 19, 2020


… is the biggest non-renewable resource that we have, but it is also the most precious gift we can give ourselves.

HELLO!! So my blog just told me it had been a full 9 months since my last log in… wow. But there is a reason behind that, and that is because for the first time in yeeeears, I’ve been giving myself some TIME. And it really has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself.

In this bit of time off, I’ve discovered what it is I’m actually wanting to do, which direction I need to be heading, and to accept that my life is currently not about working full time hours AND being a full-time Mummy to two toddlers anymore (truly a mental & physical impossibility, surely?!). I’ve hinted on social media that big changes are in process for me and this business, and those are mainly that I’ve introduced videography into my work (but not for weddings!), and I’m also starting to offer personal branding shoots for small businesses, entrepreneurs & creatives. I will of course still shoot the odd wedding or two, but for right now, I’ve not found that intensive lifestyle to be a good balance with two small children who need me more. If you’d really like me to be your wedding photographer though, let’s have a chat and I’ll see what I can do! However please understand that my wedding year will now become fully booked a lot sooner than before …

I thought that whilst I was on here chatting about creating time, which in turn creates more happiness, I’d share a super happy (and sunny, hooray!!) shoot for a couple of my friends at a fun fair from the summer last year… enjoy!

(There will be more updates coming soon, so if you’re interested to see where I go from now, make sure you follow my social media accounts for more 🙂 )

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