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June 8, 2018

Wicklow National Park, Ireland

At the beginning of June 2018, Chris and I took our little boy on his first flight – a mini hop over to Ireland to visit one of our uni friends, Mike, who lives over there. For both of us, it was our first time in Ireland, even though Mike had been trying to get us over for 14 years since first meeting him!! We had two full days to explore, so we spent the first in the city of Dublin, doing lots of touristy things, including the Viking Splash Tour (recommended for a giggle!!) then the next day we escaped into the country to see some ‘real’ Ireland! And wow… it was just spectacular!

Mike and his girlfriend Niki are like us, outdoorsy with a lust for adventure. So they were the perfect tour guides for our whistle stop tour through Wicklow Mountains National Park, ‘The Garden of Ireland’. Obviously with a toddler, we were quite limited to how far we could wander, but we were still able to see SO much from just parking up at various places and walking a few hundred metres or so.

One of our stops was the incredible Powerscourt Waterfall and trails. It was HUGE! There was such a lovely family vibe there, with lots of families setting up picnics, lighting up BBQ’s, playing ball games, and generally chilling together with the backdrop of the waterfall rumbling away in front of them. The stream at the bottom of the falls was perfect for families to paddle together, or hop over the stepping stones! There was a brilliant play area for kiddies, and a snack shack that sold freshly baked pizzas, ice creams and even candy floss amongst many other nibbles! There were lots of paths leading off all over the place – we have vowed to re-visit and spend the day there to fully appreciate it all more one day!

We then drove off deeper into the mountains, with more breathtaking views. I’m a big water fan so the waterfalls, streams and lakes took my fancy in particular – the golden water trickling everywhere was just so enticing! Unfortunately for us, our suitcase was gobbled up by the airport system and ended up in Majorca instead of Dublin… so we were completely not prepared for stream dipping! If we had have been – we would have been splashing about for hours!! We will be back, and we will do it all more justice when we are – I already can’t wait!!

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